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    In my work, I am constantly inspired by my clients’ abilities to persevere, adapt and bounce back. I find it an honour to witness the resilience of the human spirit amidst challenges.


    I value learning by engaging in ongoing training, consultation, counselling, and learning from my clients. It is important to me to be equipped and competent in my work with you.


    I believe in living life to the fullest by trying new things and taking healthy risks. My hope is that by working together through some of the blocks, you will gain a sense of safety and confidence to explore new experiences.


    While it is important to cultivate a sense of agency, I have witnessed how life can be short and fragile. Therefore, I choose to be appreciative of all the small and big things in life. I am grateful for my work and each person I cross paths with.

    My Values

    Values are principles that guide us in how we live our lives.

    At any given time, they serve as a compass that we are going in the direction that we intend to.

    Here are some of the values that guide me as a practitioner and as a person.

    What are some of your values and guiding principles?