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    Individual Counselling for Life Transitions

    Have you experienced a major change in your life? Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed? Do you need some help in exploring what this means for you and how to move forward in your life?

    Some of the most common life transitions I can help you navigate are:

    • starting post-secondary school
    • beginning your first professional job
    • relocation
    • getting married
    • serious illness, medical diagnosis, or disability
    • pregnancy
    • having a child (or adapting to a child’s new stage of development)
    • job loss or major change in career

    Perhaps life was going smoothly and you felt confident prior to this major change. People often seek out counselling when their previous way of coping is no longer working in their current environment. This can feel uncomfortable, scary, and it can shake your confidence.

    It is not that you are somehow “failing”, it’s just that you need a new set of tools to cope with these new changes.

    Counselling can provide you with a safe space to process these challenging emotions, gain deeper insight about yourself, and learn new ways of coping.

    One thing I have witnessed from working with clients is that humans have an incredible capacity to adapt.

    Your current discomfort is not a sign that you are doing something wrong; it is giving us information that some changes are needed.

    I believe that pain and distress are opportunities to address current issues and to find new growth.

    If you would like to learn more about how counselling can help with your current life transition, please contact me to schedule an appointment or book a free 15-minute consultation.